Services Offered

Shower Repair

Leaking showers can be a reason of concern as in the long run, if left unattended, can cause serious damage to your property, and pose a major health concern to your family. It can be a cause of fungus, mold, and bacteria.

Balcony Repair

To avoid long term structural problems we suggest you to take up repair work in case you notice cracking, calcification, water leakage, imbalance of tiles, dis colored grout etc. Our technicians can inspect and detect the fault in best possible way and give you best and affordable solution.

Shower Re-grouting

Major damage in the shower requires re-grouting. The re-grouting process is a cost effective process where the damaged tiles will be fixed without removal. Your premises will surely get a new life. If you are concerned of leakage, dis colored / missing grout or need a resealing, then we at Turbo Tiles and Grout inspect the area either for full regrouting or a spot repair.

Epoxy Grouting

The cracked tiles spoil the look of the house and if not sealed on time, it can create nuisance with more damage. The repairing and resealing any tiled floor or surface is our forte. When it comes to grouting, epoxy grout is our expert’s choice. It’s mainly suitable at any indoor, outdoor, and wet areas. As an epoxy grouting expert, we recommend using this product in bathrooms, balcony, kitchen, indoor outdoor pool area. Epoxy grout is made from two different resins mixed with a filler, making it highly waterproof and better suited to harsher cleaning products. Epoxy thin sets offer greater bond strength and chemical resistance than cementitious grouts.

Silicone Replacement

Got a leaking shower? Don’t know the reason. Well, most of the shower leaks happen due to missing or crack in grout and silicone. We can replace all black and moldy or worn-out silicone without removing any old tiles and freshen up with our premium quality silicone.

Grout Sealing

Grout sealing can be done at any initial stage of new tile installation or existing one. It’s a clear penetrating sealer which will penetrate to any porous tiles, marbles, granite and grout to protect before your tiles or grout gets stained. We highly recommend this after your tiles and grout is cleaned or if you have new tile surface installed. This sealer is the best in the market and available in different colors.

Tile Cleaning

Is your indoor and outdoor tiled area looking old and grubby and stained! Turbo Tile and Grout has a solution for cleaning you tiles and give the life back to its original form. Our team is highly trained that can clean and restore any types of tiles and grout material. Our widest option is so pioneer that we can perform other tasks like grout sealing, assessment of damaged tiles and grout or silicone replacement.

Tile and Chip Repair

Want to replace tile or repair a chip on the tile?
We carry high quality equipment to repair or replace tiles with different variety of tile adhesive and grout to repair quickly and efficiently with over 70 grout colors to choose from, to find match to your exiting joints.

Tiling Solution

Is there something wrong with your bathroom or looking dull with no life left on it?
Then we have a solution. We detect the problem and give you efficient solution with guaranteed results. At Turbo Tile and Grout we specialise in bathroom make over that won’t cost you hell lot of money. With the care of small repair, re-grout and sealing, it can change the look of your bathroom.
Contact us before spending thousands on renovation. Our expert technicians will change your look of bathroom to sparkling new. It doesn’t matter how old the bathroom is. We will get the job done.

Tile Grouting

Don’t spend 000’s to retile the area, instead re-grout and re-seal them. We can perform grouting in any tiled area whether it’s kitchen splash back, laundry, powder room, bathroom wall and floor area, shower, balcony and alfresco.
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