Highways England M&R Contract

Highways England M&R Contract: Everything You Need to Know

Highways England is responsible for maintaining and improving the motorways and major roads in England. To manage this task, it needs to work with contractors that have the necessary expertise and resources. One such contract is the Highways England M&R (maintenance and renewals) contract.

What is the Highways England M&R Contract?

The Highways England M&R contract is a framework agreement between Highways England and selected contractors to carry out maintenance and renewals work on the motorways and major roads. The contract is split into two lots; Lot 1 covers routine maintenance, and Lot 2 covers renewals and improvement work.

The current contract was awarded in 2019 and runs for six years with the option to extend for a further six years. The value of the contract is estimated to be around £8.7 billion.

What Work is Covered in the Highways England M&R Contract?

The Highways England M&R contract covers a wide range of work, including:

1. Routine Maintenance:

– Inspection and maintenance of carriageways, structures, and drainage systems.

– Winter maintenance services, including gritting and snow clearance.

– Routine maintenance of roadside technology such as CCTV cameras and message signs.

– Litter picking and cleaning of verges and carriageways.

2. Renewals and Improvement:

– Resurfacing and reconstruction of carriageways and structures.

– Maintenance of tunnels and bridges.

– Installation of new technology such as smart motorways and traffic management systems.

– Safety improvements, including the installation of barriers and safety fencing.

Who are the Contractors on the Highways England M&R Contract?

Highways England has selected a number of contractors to carry out work under the M&R contract. The contractors are split into two lots:

– Lot 1 – Routine Maintenance: Balfour Beatty, Kier, and VINCI.

– Lot 2 – Renewals and Improvement: Amey, BAM Nuttall, Balfour Beatty, Costain, and Interserve.

These contractors were selected following a rigorous procurement process that looked at factors such as technical capability, commercial viability, and health and safety performance.

What are the Benefits of the Highways England M&R Contract?

The Highways England M&R contract provides a number of benefits, including:

– More efficient and effective maintenance and renewal of the motorways and major roads.

– Consistent and high-quality services across the network.

– Improved safety and reliability for road users.

– Increased collaboration between Highways England and its contractors.

– Cost savings through more efficient procurement and delivery of services.


The Highways England M&R contract is a critical agreement that ensures the effective maintenance and renewal of England`s motorways and major roads. With the selected contractors working together, we can expect a more efficient and effective service that delivers higher quality and cost savings. As road users, we can all benefit from this essential work to ensure our roads remain safe, reliable, and fit for purpose.